Golightly Blue Chalcedony Pendulum

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It can be challenging to focus on the quiet whisper of the soul’s voice, which is why the use of crystal pendulums has been an integral part of spiritual practice for thousands of years.

A pendulum acts as a physical representation of one's own intuitive guidance. It allows the user to visually experience what the highest self already knows by demonstrating simple yes/no movements.

Manufactured exclusively for Golightly using AA quality Blue Chalcedony and premium .925 sterling silver, these look and feel like no other pendulum.

Blue Chalcedony is a stone of connection. It not only connects one to higher self through heart, mind and soul, but also assists in the understanding of messages received. It instills a peace of mind much like meditation does, which allows one to tap into the higher realms of collective consciousness. This beautiful stone promotes trusting information and applying its guidance towards everyday life.