Effective 10/10/23 there is a $25 minimum order requirement. Any orders less than $25 will be held and/or canceled.

By participating in our Instagram live sales you are acknowledging and accepting the following guidelines:


  • Live sales are a virtual shopping experience that are broadcast on Instagram @golightlycrystals and are a great way for people to view, learn about, and connect with crystals and minerals from all over the world.
  • To see when the next live sale is taking place, please visit @golightlycrystals on Instagram, or check the home page of for updates.
  • During the live sale, the camera we use is locked into a tripod so table scans are not possible. However, a list of all available crystals is posted in the @golightlycrystals Instagram story 24 hours prior to a live sale.
  • Crystals are shown one at a time and the price is displayed and will also be read aloud.
  • To adopt a crystal, be the first to comment any word or emoji with the price. Doing so means you are committing to following through with purchasing.
  • Due to multiple comments and viewers, there is a slight time delay which causes you to almost always show up first on your own screen. To ensure fairness we will always go by who shows up first on our screen.

Please Note: Orders are not sorted until they are shipped. If you would like photos of the crystals you are claiming, please take them during the live sale as our process does not allow us to do so after the sale.


  • Any swaps, switches, and put backs must be done during the live sale. Once the live sale has completed, all sales are final.
  • All listings will be posted to immediately following the end of the live sale; individual invoices are NOT sent out. Please set a reminder for yourself if you feel you may forget.
  • Payment is due by 10:00pm CST the day following the live sale at which time listings will expire. Please communicate with us if for any reason you feel you may miss this deadline; we understand things happen and work to be as accommodating as possible.
  • Expired listings will not be reactivated.
  • If you do not check out for the crystals that you claimed during a live sale and do not make an attempt to communicate with us within 24 hours of your listing expiring, you will be blocked from our page.


  • Leading up to our live sales, we offer multiple crystals for adoption via our Instagram story; these are intuitively selected for you.
  • By submitting your name you are committing to following through with purchasing your add-ons, whether you claim crystals during the live sale or not.
  • If you do not claim anything during the live sale, a listing for your add-ons will be created and the above guidelines apply.


  • Payment plans are offered through Shop Pay Installments and managed by Affirm.
  • Available payment plan options are shown at checkout and are based on customer eligibility and order total.


  1. Visit
  2. Click the "LIVE SALES" tab.
  3. Click the sale date you participated in.
  4. Find your Instagram username.
  5. Add to cart and complete checkout using your preferred payment method.